Mass Times

Saturday Vigil Mass - 5:30pm

Sunday Morning Mass- 9:15am

Monday - Liturgy of the Word with Communion at 9.30am

Tuesday - Mass at 9.30am

Wednesday - Mass at 9.30am

Thursday - Mass at 9.30am

Friday - Mass at 12:10pm


Please call the office if you want to arrange for your reception of the sacrament of confirmation at

06 210 2891.

You will be required to go through few session with the RCIA Team, and to present a baptismal certificate. If you can't provide a baptismal certificate, talk to the parish priest.


Every Friday after Mass is the usual time for the sacrament of reconciliation. But you may call the office if you want to celebrate it at some other time at

06 210 2891.


Within the Mass is the proper reception of the Body and Blood of Christ. If however for some reasons, you cannot come to Mass, please call the office if you want to receive it at some other time and at some other place at 06 210 2891.


If you are planning to get married, please come and visit the priest as early as you can. There are a good number of requirements:

1. Interview

2. Baptismal Certificate

3. Confirmation Certificate

4. Marriage Seminar/Workshop

5. Marriage License

6. Others depending on your situation


Please call the office at 06 210 2891.


There is a regular schedule of anointing of the sick within the mass in the Church. Please check the newsletter or the Parish calendar in this website for the exact date. The priest also has a regular schedule of visit to the sick and housebound. If you know anybody who has not been visited and is wanting to be anointed please call the office at 06 210 2891.