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Finance Committee

Parish Finance Team

CHAIR: Tony Clifford


  • John Jardin

  • Garry Farrow

  • Irene Barrett




Finance Committee Report

The St Joseph’s finance committee is made up of Father Dennis, Tony Clifford, John Jarden, Gary Farrow and David Cossar. We were appointed by Father Dennis who has complete authority as to whom he appoints. We are there to provide the management of the funds we have through the collections at church to fund the running of our church.


Not all the money collected stays here in Levin.

  • 2% goes to Support the Bishop

  • 6% goes to support the Lay Ministry

  • 5% goes to the costs of Seminarians, Chaplaincies and the NZ Bishops Conference

  • 32% to the support of our Clergy

  • 55% stay here for the running of our Levin Parish.


We have done a budget for our Levin Parish which is an estimated one as we are not sure exactly sure what our collections will be. We are hoping that we will have enough to cover our expenses.


However, a lot will depend on what our Pastoral Leadership team wants to deliver pastorally. We then have to plan the budget to see how we can fund their plans. Any expenditure needs to be referred to the finance group, hence we are waiting for the parish pastoral plan for our consideration.


We have money which we received from the joint parish of Otaki/Levin where we were taken apart. The issue is that when we were joined together 7 years ago our term deposit was with the ADF in Wellington where it still is until 2022. So, we have to survive on careful management of the cash we receive by plan giving.


We have viewed the annual accounts that were presented for the Otaki/Levin parish by John Molloy the Otaki accountant. They showed that accounts are looking good and a copy of the joint parish is in this newsletter. Any questions about them just ask one of the finance team.


We are very pleased how everybody has changed their Direct Debits over to the new Levin BNZ bank account. We are still sorting out the reference numbers of your deposits which is proving to be a challenge moving some from Otaki numbers back to Levin reference numbers.


It is very important that the Parish roll is filled out. It is very helpful that our records are up-to-date as it is so important that we can match your contributions back to you.


Many thanks to you all for your support in the running of our Parish our community



Tony Clifford

Chair, Finance Committee

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