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The Liturgy Committee


  • Marie Vaney (Chair)

  • Kilian De Lacy

  • Teresa Mason

  • Forrest Chamber

  • Salamo So'oalo

  • Brian Nolan (Ministry Coordinator)

Notes from the Committee 

Welcome and Silence

You may have noticed that during January we started Mass with an invitation to greet people around you. This was to encourage a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere in the parish. However, we recognise the importance of silent preparation for Mass, which was also emphasised by Fr John O’Connor, when he came to talk to us about Desiderio Desideravi, the Pope’s letter on the Liturgy. As a result, we have also emphasised the time for silence before Mass starts. Please let us know your views about these minor changes, which are designed to enhance the sense of community and the reverence for Mass.

Contacts: Marie Vaney or Kilian de lacy


Reverence for the House of the Lord 

When we were young, many years ago, we were taught to make the Sign of the Cross when passing a Catholic church to salute the living Lord in the tabernacle inside. In these days of “Hail, fellow, well met” we are inclined to treat the church as just another meeting place and forget the awesome mystery that takes place during Mass – Jesus Christ, true God and Man, is made present in our altar and lives among us in physical form. When you really think about it, this is something truly awesome. Let us not forget that fact.


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